Fall Update

It has certainly not been the fall weather we had hoped for at PBA in 2018. Last weekend we were snowed out at Lloyd Nolan Yard and haven't been able to get back out on the diamond since. As is usually the case the program gets the weekend off for Thanksgiving, and players will be back at the field on Tuesday to start the process of our annual PBA Fall World Series.


A tradition that goes as far back as PBA itself, the Fall World Series is as good as it gets. For those that don’t know, during the Fall World Series, the coaches flip the script. Nine Varsity players from last season will be captains of our three team tournament. When the players get back from break, these captains will draft their own teams without any input from the coaching staff. These teams will compete in a two and a half week World Series. The only thing at stake is team pride! Ask most alumni, and they can still vividly describe great games, plus plays, big hits and of course a few great dust-ups between teams. Our first Fall World Series game is scheduled for October 11th, but stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


Following the Fall World Series, PBA will play their annual Marathon Game on October 27th at Lloyd Nolan Yard. The Marathon Game is PBA’s biggest fundraiser, and has been for years. Each fall the players spend one day sending out letters to friends and family asking for donations for the 100 inning game. We cannot thank all of the people who support the Marathon Game year after year. Without the help of this fundraiser, the Las Vegas trip would not be possible each February. If you are interested in donating to the Marathon Game please contact us at 403-320-1302 or [email protected].


Following the Marathon Game, players get a week off from baseball activities. This break is much needed, and gives our players a chance to catch up on school and prepare themselves for the famous PBA strength and conditioning program. This program which includes “30 minutes of hell” runs during November and December until the kids go home for the Christmas Break. PBA prides itself in how hard we work off the field, and this year will be no different. After not winning the CCBC Championship for the first time in 7 years, 2019 will be a huge bounce back season, and it starts with the work put in during those winter months.


Also on the horizon, is our PBA Winter Elite Camp. This is the 8th year that we will run this weeknight camp, and each year it continues to grow. Last year we had 130 campers ages 5-17 come out and hone their skills during the winter months. This year’s camp starts November 12th and runs through the first week of March. The PBA coaching staff tries to make the camps informative and enjoyable for everyone involved. Every night 6-8 current PBA players will help instruct the camp, which is always exciting for our young ballplayers in Lethbridge. If you would like more information about our camp or you would like to sign you son or daughter up, please check out the following link: http://underthelights.pointstreaksites.com/view/underthelights/youth-camps/2018-19-winter-elite-camp


Even with the weather issues we’ve had the remainder of the fall will be extremely busy. The coaching staff is going to have plenty of very difficult decisions to make come Christmas time as to who makes Varsity, and who needs more time to develop on our Junior Varsity team. Thank you to everyone who supports the Prairie Baseball Academy. Stay tuned for more updates after the Thanksgiving break.


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