PBA Beginner Camp

Do you have a son or daughter that is interested in learning about baseball? If so, the Prairie Baseball Academy has the perfect introduction to baseball for you! The PBA Beginner Camp has run for the past 3 years and has become a very popular option to start introducing this fantastic game to our youth ballplayers. Last year we had over 20 participants (ages 5-8) in our Beginner Camp, and each Friday night these campers learned the very basics of baseball while ensuring that having fun was the ultimate goal! 


The most important thing to know about this camp is that absolutely no baseball experience is required. Some of our campers in this age group (5-8)  have played t-ball, just started coach pitch, or messed around in the backyard with mom and dad. Others have never picked up a baseball, and please do not be intimidated if your son or daughter is in the latter group. The amount of improvement our coaching staff saw out of our beginner's last year was tremendous.  


Over the course of the winter, these beginner campers will work on: general movement, throwing, catching, ground balls, and very basic hitting technique. As important as the skills they will learn, these campers get to interact with kids their own age each week. This social aspect of our camps is just as important to our coaching staff as the baseball! Jesse Sawyer is the lead instructor of the beginner camp. Coach Sawyer has been with the Prairie Baseball Academy for six years and he does an amazing job with this age group. Sawyer is a certified teacher in Alberta and has vast coaching experience including: Little League Canada National Coach, head coach of PBA Junior Varsity and as the head coach of the Lethbridge Bulls the last three summers. Sawyer works to build a rapport with every beginner camper while delivering high quality instruction and plenty of patience with this age group. 


For more information about our Beginner Camp please feel free to contact Coach Sawyer by email: [email protected]


To register your son or daughter up online please CLICK HERE


See our full winter camp flyer below:

























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