PBA Introduces Summer Training Camp

 Prairie Baseball Academy is excited to announce the launch of a new Summer Training Camp focused on individualized programs to bring your child's game to the next level. The program will be open to all kids aged 13 to any player with college eligibility. All activities will take place at the home of PBA, Lloyd Nolan Yard! Players will have baseball specific drills tailored to their needs as well as a personalized weight lifting program developed around their own strength, age, and experience. Our friendly, expert coaches and instructors will be there to guide them through the program, assisting with proper form and techniques.


Starting June 28th, 2021 through August 6th, 2021 (COVID-19 restrictions permitting), Mondays and Wednesdays will be focussed on pitching while Tuesdays and Thursdays will be focussed on hitting. Sessions will start at 11am MT daily, and a second session may be added if numbers permit. Players will start with baseball-oriented activities and then carry on into their weight lifting program to end the day. The camp is open to registration for hitting-specific days, pitching-specific days, or both in order to focus on the areas your child needs!


Instructors and coaches will be implementing the full 6 weeks of data and metric driven instruction to get a clear picture of how to tailor the program to each child's specific needs. By tracking changes to velocity, arm speed, weight, and strength, we modify the program to keep progress as efficient as possible! The methods and technology used at this camp are top quality, and completely custom to each participant, ensuring harder hitters and faster pitchers. 


For 2 days/week: $275 CAD + GST

For 4 days/week: $400 CAD + GST

To register: CLICK HERE

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