PBA GoGetFunding Campaign

As some of you may know the PBA started a new fundraising campaign this year aimed at the alumni from the past 20 years. It was the coaching staff’s thought that with over 600 alumni from all across the country, some with well established careers, now was the time to reach out and ask this great group of men to give back. PBA has helped grow these young men into the people they are today. There is no doubt about that. The lessons learned at PBA, both good and bad stick with a person as they move on in life. PBA made us tough, and life is tough.



The program is looking to raise as much money as possible through GoGetFunding. This is a web platform that allows people to donate money through multiple online options. Since the start of the campaign at the end of September the program has raised $6,380 from 59 donators. All of the money raised will go back to the athletes in the form of scholarships. We are encouraging the alumni to post a video to Facebook to update us about where they are at in life, and to nominate fellow alumni who they played with. Head to the PBA Facebook page to check out all the videos. We have only scratched the surface of what the alumni can do to give back to this program. Thank you to everyone who has donated, keep spreading the word!


If you would like to donate to the program please click HERE.

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