Blue Team Wins 2015 Fall World Series

The 2015 PBA Fall World Series came to an end on Thursday night. The Blue Team came away with the victory in a decisive game 3 win against the White Team. After winning game 1 of the best of 3 final series, Team dropped a close contest in game 2, but rebounded with a 5-4 victory in game 3. Captains Jared Libke, Jesse McGowan and Corey Scammell picked the top team in this 2015 version of PBA’s end to the fall.


The coaching staff saw a lot of great play over the past 2 weeks. All 3 teams showed glimpses of great baseball in a bid to move up the depth chart. The pitching MVP of the World Series was Jared Libke, and the position player MVP went to Chance Wheatly. Both Libke, and Wheatly were apart of the varsity team for the 2015 CCBC Championship in May. Both players will be vital parts to a team ready to attempt to win a 6th straight CCBC Championship.


The boys will now head indoors for the remainder of the semester. They will be put through a rigorous workout program until Christmas. The first year players will get their first opportunity to see the commitment it takes to be apart of this program. 

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