2015 Marathon Game


The 2015 Marathon Game was a huge success for the Prairie Baseball Academy. The fundraiser goes back as long as the program has been around. Players send out hundreds of letters to friends and family members around the country asking for donations to help this great program. This year was no different. With over 1500 letters sent out this year, the boys passed the team goal.


A newer tradition at PBA is to dress up in a Halloween costume on Marathon Day. The coaches pick out the top 5 costumes, and then the players vote on the top costume of the day. Gift cards to Wal-Mart were on the line this year, and the winner was Matthew Malec who dressed up as Wolverine from X-Men.  Thank you to the boys for being such good sports about the tradition.


A new addition this year was the challenge on Facebook for alumni to get more involved in giving back to the program. By making a video and nominating other former players the program has been able to raise close to $6000 dollars that will go back to the players in the program this year in the form of scholarship money. The coaching staff at PBA cannot thank everyone who helped out enough. Without your support the program would not be where it is today. 

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